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Interest Rates


Rates on the Radio, in Newspapers, and on the Internet are often misleading and inaccurate!

I respect my customers too much to provide them with anything but honest and accurate information. Market volatility means that interest rates are often obsolete by the time they are published. Very often, mortgage rates change two or three times in one day!In addition, interest rates are based on multiple lending criteria, such as:

  • The Sales Price of the home your are purchasing
  • The amount of mortgage loan you are seeking
  • Your Closing Date
  • Your Credit Rating
  • Purchase or Refinance?
  • Property type (Single Family, Duplex, Condo, etc...)
  • Owner Occupied? Investment Property? Second Home?
  • How long you plan on keeping the mortgage

For example - A buyer with excellent credit and/or a large down payment may be eligible for a better rate than someone else. In addition, if your closing date is only 30 days away, you may be eligible for a lower interest rate than someone with a closing date 90 days away.

Because every situation and borrower is different, I prefer to match you up with the program and rate that is best suited to YOUR individual situation.

Give me a call and we can discuss your particular loan needs!

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